submerged garden // Walking around aimlessly in a vast underground ecosystem - melodic, ambient, maybe strange.

cluster // a shifting landscape of harsh noise - wavering between drone, melody and rhythms drenched in distortion.

condensation - depths - surface // a split release containing a large number of tracks i made in 2018 exploring the possibilities of VCV rack. It shaped nicely into 2 coherent albums, covering a lot of ground in two different concepts - surface having a rhythmic, focused palette while depths is more ambient and melodic.

hollowgrove // painting a picture of vibrant and dynamic ecosystems in their different states. A series of live recordings in VCV rack - my first exploration of modular synthesis in an album release.

unlit canopy // a follow up of forest's floor - a more experimental take, exploring deep, dark forested caves.

forest's floor // my first full conceptual piece, started in 2015 and released in 2018. it details a range of climates and depths, inspired by vivid dream imagery.

90-AN // An older release making an attempt at dance / noise fusion. it's not very good! a little bit of fun though. [mp3 320]

Modular Snippets Pack // Varying samples taken from multitracks of songs. Contains samples from patches used to make bigger music projects and more. Not a lot of these are tuned or quantized. [wav, probably very large]

Foley Recordings Pack // Field recordings - percussive hits, textures, etc. [wav]

Modular Outtakes // Snippets of recordings of patches that vary from their final products. Longer cuts of noise, outtakes from albums, things that never fit anywhere.

Very Old Music // Selections of DAW work I still like a little bit.