hollowgrove // painting a picture of vibrant and dynamic ecosystems in their different states. since getting into modular synthesis i knew i had to make this, and as of now i'm very pleased with how it turned out.

unlit canopy // a follow up of forest's floor - a more experimental take, exploring deep, dark forested caves.

forest's floor // my first full conceptual piece, started in 2015 and released in 2018. it details a range of climates and depths, inspired by vivid dream imagery.

90-AN // This one isn't on my bandcamp, being a little less representative of what i do with sound nowadays. It's a 3 track EP that does some cool noise / dance fusion stuff, I feel it misses the mark but it could still be some fun. [mp3 320]

Jade's Funbox // Samples and stems from a lot of older projects that never became anything. Feel free to use them in your projects [varying qualities and formats]

Foley Recordings // A lot of percussive noises and textures. free to use, as well [wav]

scrap recordings [CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE] // a "secret album" of sorts. recording a lot of snippets with a modular synth means i scrap a lot of recordings that i'm less satisfied with. there are still some really fun ideas in here, so i put them all together here. [mp3 320]