MEGA×5 ~ ⅤTH Anniversary - XX (Abstraction 1) [vol. warning] - A remix made for Halley Labs / Lapfox Trax for the 5th anniversary CD release of MEGAx5.

CORPSE EXQUISITE - A collaborative chain of music where each artist gets 10 seconds. Created cover art & contributed to music.

VA - Remix Compilation - Cave Gardens (remix) - "Musicians worked in pairs. The first one made a short track based on a theme the other person decided. The track was then remixed." Created cover art & contributed to music.

Leavalia Records - lr000° - Veil Submerge - Contribution to the Leavalia Records label.

PETRI - Provided sound samples.

Snake Academy - Created snake portraits for a Ludum Dare entry with a few friends.